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Whistle 2 Whistle Professional

W-2-W Professional brings you all the top secrets and methodologies used by high level professional coaches to your school, club or university.

If your club needs to increase it’s performance and training methods look no further than this. W-2-W professional will give you the tools and support to reach your defence and playing potential.

As a defence coach you need a powerful leadership methodology and slick coaching style in order to lead men to defend at the highest level.

Learn Omar’s secret to creating a world class defence that is highly physical and technical.

Learn Omar's secrets to managing players, large playing groups and creating an environment where fear and doubt are overcome and all that remains is a high performance culture that's sustainable.

Bring out your own leadership style and enhance your confidence and players confidence.

Learn the secret of dealing with fear and doubt and anxiety and deliver a high end rugby product for your team.

Assessment of your teams defence and kicking game needs and provision of a tailored solution.

Analysis of your training methods, drills and coaching approach.

Instill a no fear winning mentality.

Implement cutting edge defence specific functional fitness and training drills.

Assistance with manuals and provision of manuals.

Coaching your coaches to plan and implement sessions more effectively. 

Assistances win creating a strong leadership methodology and culture.

The key to managing players and large groups to perform consistently.