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Guardian Angel

Guardian angel is a service whereby you will receive the full support of a top flight senior professional coach. Omar will be there every step of the way ensuring you have a successful season you will never forget. Your staff and players will receive world class IP, drills ,analysis and feedback to produce the good during your season.

Support is divided into pre season phase and in season phase

Creation of full pre season and in season periodization plan

Analysis of current technical- tactical strengths and deficiencies

Creation of rugby high performance support plan with goals,timelines and milestones.

Provision of intellectual property in the form of manuals,game plans and training videos for pre season and in season.

Analysis of your team's training drills and methods

Group support of coaches as well as individual support and mentoring via Skype and Whatsapp

Analyses of in game matches and providing feedback and solutions especially for those big games.

Assistance with managing individual player performance

Weekly catchup with head coach and key staff members where necessary.