Whistle-2-Whistle is about to explode with new content, amazing new drills, animations and content from Omar Mouniemne. 

We are therefore dropping the price of the All Access Package to cover all content UP TO NOW, and will not include up and coming items. However, this is an amazing chance to get your hands on around £2000 worth of rugby intellect from a world famous defence coach for a bargain price, which will change you as a coach and take your team to new heights.

Whistle 2 Whistle is a resource dedicated to Defence.

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We offer a range of coaching courses and options:

Purchase a Whistle 2 Whistle coaching pack to receive professional rugby defence playbooks, drills, how-tos, and tips.  The coaching videos cover specific areas of defence and comes as downloadable videos.

Have call direct 1-2-1 call with Omar to discuss your goals and get personalised coaching, training plans, and motivation.  Calls can be made a times to suit you and can be either audio or video.

Guardian angel is a service whereby you will receive the full support of a top flight senior professional coach. Omar will be there every step of the way ensuring you have a successful season you will never forget.

Up-skilling of Schools, Clubs, & Universities defence and kicking game programmes. Assistance with leadership and culture strategies. Analysis of current structures and provision of tailored made solutions. Zoom consultations as well as live seminars.

Coaching Video Packs

Purchase a Whistle 2 Whistle coaching pack to receive professional rugby defence playbooks, drills, how-tos, and tips.  The coaching videos cover specific areas of defence and come as downloadable videos, as well streamable on any device. All videos are strictly not for resale or distribution.

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Coaching methods to level-up your defence

This Defence Expert is respected as a top 5 defence coach in the world and has built a reputation as an instant fix coach whose methods instantly transform coaches and players.

The most respected coaches in the world who have worked with Omar consider him a true professional and call on him time and time again to bolster their teams.

Defence strategy & tactics

Tackling, spacing, & ruck defence.

Leadership & coaching methods for coaches

Nutrition & conditioning

Omar Mouneimne - Bristol Bears Defence Coach

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Perfect for clubs, schools, coaches, & individuals

Whistle 2 Whistle is a resource dedicated solely to Defence. The world is full of generalists, so we decided to specialise in the most important aspect of rugby, the part of rugby that wins championships and brings team off the from bottom of mediocrity-Defence.

Who better to bring you a Defence methodology that will help you hit the ground running and bring real pride back to your team but Omar Mouneimne.

What people are saying about Omar

Hits, Collisions, & Tackles

Watch how our Collision Magician systems translate into a game.  Buy our Collision Magician & Mobility drills to learn how to up your levels.

Watch a sequence of bone crushing hits below. The sequence shows single hits into more complex double and triple man tackles. These techniques are taught by Professional defence coach Omar Mouneimne whom is renowned for creating Brutal defences across the world.

Visit the Shop obtain the the drills and sequence to improve your defence as a coach or player...