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Think Tank Bonus Replay


Think Tank is a session which will get you ready for your preseason by bringing you up to date with how defence and kicking game is evolving and how to bring your team up to scratch for the next season.


Think Tank BONUS content…Don’t miss out on getting your. Think Tank copy, where we included a bonus section on change management in Pro Rugby.  When you come into a new season, you want to have a change of fortune. We look at the following in Think Tank, which will assist you in making the correct changes to boost, not hurt your team.

1-Are the changes you are making a wake up call, or a progression of things you have already done well?

2- Are wholesale transformational changes needed, where you are changing issues in your game, your culture or your leadership? Or are you making incremental tweaks that take you to another level?

3- We will help you to break down the different departments that you can add or manage change to?

4- Frameworks. We will talk about frameworks for attack, defence and kicking game. We look to make incremental improvements that count.

Here at W2W we take the sting and growing pains out of the growing process for you with our tailored made Master classes, courses, one on one coaching calls and our all access plans-and now our Think Tank!

If you want to come into your season feeling fresh and inspired around defence and kicking game then join us for Think Tank where I’ll take you through where defence and kicking is evolving to, and what we think will give you the edge in the coming season.

Also included in Think Tank:

1.Cross tournament trends analyses and stats.
2.How to take stock of defence and kicking game?
3. Where is defence evolving towards?
4.Where is attack evolving towards?
5.What is happening within the kicking game and where is it going?
6.What plans can you put in place for your defence and kicking game that will freshen up your troops but also challenge you as a coach?
7. Omar’s 3 top strategies for hitting the ground running in preseason and ultimately into your season.
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