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The Big Picture Masterclass Replay


Many of us know the big picture, but don’t know exactly how to thread everything technical, tactical, your reviews and previews together so you can hit the home run.

Join this Masterclass to find out how a top level coach would thread all aspects together to reach their vision.

*If you have trouble downloading, use the streaming link instead.*


Replay by Omar Mouneimne


It is going to cover big picture vision and how to implement it like a professional would, in a top environment like in the Premiership, where you take your vision and make sure it is followed through to the micro details.


What we cover is:

  • What does Big Picture look like?
  • What is Big Picture?
  • How do you get a picture that makes sense for you and your team from a defensive standpoint and fro setting goals for you and your team for the season.
  • How do you layer it all together, making sure your technical & tactical details, physicality and conditioning all in there.
  • We will map out a week, when you have a Saturday game, and how that may change when you have a Friday game and a shorter week.
  • How to get your vision and ideas together to even get your half time talks hitting the point.
  • Periodisation and nuances and technical coaching, how you map out a preview and review properly.


If you are interested in Big Picture and how to and transferring it into something succinct that helps you be as effective as you can be as a coach, then don’t miss out on this Masterclass.


You can buy here for £39, you will not regret it, whether you are a head coach, defence coach for a top club or high school it will suit you just the same, which will help you rapidly go to another level in your coaching.