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Ready To Deploy


Ready To Deploy is here! The perfect combination of knowledge and practicality from one of the worlds best Defence coaches. Get an all round selection which will give you a great grounding to move forwards with your team.

Ready To Deploy Package is your essential fundamentals to ensure you deploy your troops ready for battle. It is designed to give an important combination of technical and tactical defence foundations.

This package will get you the head start you need, and will set you up and get you coaching in the best, most effective way.

Included in this essential package is:

  • Killer Defence Basics
  • Ruck Defence Foundations
  • Collision Magician
  • Scrum Defence Masterclass
  • Line Out Extended Webinar

If you were to purchase these individually is worth nearly £300! This is the perfect option for you if you are looking for something to give you an all round coaching manual.

All videos are strictly not for resale or distribution.