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Kick Off’s and Kick Off Receipt Masterclass


Here is a unique opportunity to see how Kick Off’s and Kick Receipts can be implemented to create point scoring opportunities, with European Cup Winner Omar Mouneimne.

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Kick receipts and kick offs are an integral part to winning rugby games fully Narated and explained by Omar in a Lecture format.

Kick offs:
In this Master class copy, you will learn the art of creating point scoring occasions 30m from the opposition line by implementing important tactical details into your game. We will help you implement a kick off system that is simple and very effective. We will help you exert a strangle hold on the opposition every time you kick off using your rabbits, evading the escorts and killing the caterpillar….

Kick receipts:
The best teams in the world are brilliant at exiting their half from kick offs without getting hurt. Allow us to share with you systems that will allow you to exit your half NEAT ( No Errors at try line) without allowing the opposition point scoring opportunities near your line and giving you the edge in transferring pressure instantly back to them…

This video will take you through the various receipt set ups and share with you which ones work most consistently and why, and is fully narated throughout by Omar.

Lastly, you will learn how to get into ideal defensive shape should the opposition win the ball from the exit and not you.

Don’t miss this essential tutorial.