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Drill Shed – Session One


Drill Shed – Session One, is here.  It includes everything you need to run an all round Defence Session that will cover all the key areas necessary to improve your teams defence performance.

Drill shed is a new addition to our website which will take the pain of coaching for you. Every fortnight till the end of May Omar will produce new sessions from scratch that will take the pain out of deciding what session to run, what drills to use and how to run that session.

In Session 1 this week Omar is fully mic’d up and talks you through the details of a full defensive session filled with essential defensive foundations.

We use 2 camera angles and we go to the Air with our Drone!! As  always we use our animation software to maximise your learning.
Within this session is footage from Pro teams Omar has coached to demonstrate versions of the drills at their best.

In this weeks session he covers:
1. A defensive warm up specific to the session
2. Defensive conditioning for mobility and combat
3. Tackle conditioning drills that form a circuit essential for tackle fitness
4. Folding and line speed drills
5. The legion Spacing and alignment drill
6. Systems drills for defending off 9 and 10
7. Bonus material: why leg tackles aren’t the best way to tackle

You can roll out the session exactly as instructed by Omar or mix it up as you please. Increase or decrease intensities and reps to suit your team depending on the phase they are in. The reps and intensities within the video are more controlled due to their tutorial nature, however the order of the drills is ideal to maximise your teams defensive potential.

See the link below to purchase this session.

*Please note there is both a Download and Streaming Link that you will receive on purchase completion. Some PCs are not compatible with different versions so try both if you have any trouble. Contact info@whistle-2-whistle.com if any problems arise.

All videos are strictly not for resale or distribution.