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Drill Shed 3 & 4


DRILL SHED 3 & 4 are combined into one package here for £247.95 for those of you who are ready to take your rugby defence to the next level!

Drill Shed 3 is the ultimate program designed specifically for defence coaches like you who strive for accurate tackling and reducing yellow and red cards. With its beautifully filmed footage, immersive sound, and multiple angles, Drill Shed 3 is here to transform the way you approach defence.Tackling is an art form, and Drill Shed 3 is your key to mastering it. Our program focuses on refining your techniques, particularly targeting the sternum and the ball, to effectively counter offloads and disrupt the opposing team’s momentum. Say goodbye to missed tackles and hello to airtight defence!

Drill Shed 4 offers an in-depth exploration of advanced jackling and jackling drills. This technical and conditioning session is designed to push your limits and help you reach your full potential on the field.But that’s not all – we go the extra mile to ensure you’re well-prepared and primed for success. The program starts with a comprehensive warm-up routine that focuses on functional movements and sets the stage for the exhilarating progression of drills to come. You’ll master essential movement drills for folding and line speed, enhancing your agility and reaction time.

Both packages combined for a great price will set you up with everything you need to build a strong base for your drills going into next season, which will transfer directly into the skills, techniques and fitness your players need.