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All Access Package


Annual Subscription – Full Access will enable you to have priority access to all webinars, masterclasses and packages that are online and released every month, as well as 1-2-1 time with Omar Mouneimne to analyse and improve your training and game performance, as well as analysing your opposition.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have full access to a Professional Rugby coach at the top of the game? Of course you have. 

I bet you would a have a tonne of questions. You would want know what works and what doesn’t work on defence. What are the best drills to use, the best style of defence to focus on. Maybe you’ve ran out of ideas for drills? Whatever the question is you wouldn’t be alone in thinking how good it would be to have full access to the content and mind of a world class defence coach.

The Great news is that now this is possible! We are offering this Full Access Package to clubs and individuals whereby you will be able to access all the content on the Whistle-2-Whistle site up until July 2023.

On purchase of the package, you will also get a personal zoom with Omar, to help you get your new journey kick started. On this call you can ask whatever you like concerning defence, kicking game, periodisation or any other rugby aspects you choose.

This Full Access Package will include the following outstanding benefits and would class you as our VIP:

1.Full access to ALL videos and Masterclasses on the site up to July 2023

3. Premier first choice access to all new courses.

4. A free zoom with Omar to discuss any content you wish.


Whistle-2-Whistle is about to explode with new content, amazing new drills, animations and content from Omar Mouniemne. 

We are therefore dropping the price of the All Access Package to cover all content UP TO NOW, and will not include up and coming items. However, this is an amazing chance to get your hands on around £2000 worth of rugby intellect from a world famous defence coach for a bargain price, which will change you as a coach and take your team to new heights.

If you have queries regarding the package or any other purchases, please email info@whistle-2-whistle.com