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Whistle 2 Whistle Starter

Level-up your defence with 6 exclusive videos & 10 pages and of theory and animation.

- Whats modern attack and how to approach defending it?

- How to build a defence from scratch for all level-principles

- Rules of defence-folding,maintaining spacing,building line speed-tackle technique


Whistle 2 Whistle Advanced

Take your team to the next level with 10 exclusive videos & 20+ pages and of theory and animation.

- All of the 'Starter' content plus...

- Defence principles, rules, folding, maintaining spacing, building line speed, ruck defence

- General defence

- Introduction to modern attack and how to deal with it

-Tackle technique.



Whistle 2 Whistle Pro

All the defence coaching you will need with ALL exclusive videos & 40+ pages and of theory and animation.

- All of 'Starter' & 'Advanced' plus...

- Full system defence

- Line out and scrum defence rules, theory and principles.

- Advanced maintenance of compression and distribution of defence

- Advanced general defence-line speed drills

- Advanced tackle tech, double hits.

- Defensive breakdown: how to slow ball and stay in control of attack

- Defence conditioning tips and drills